History & Vision

The KCH was founded by Doctor Haroon LalDin, a family practitioner born and trained in Pakistan. While on staff at Bach Christian Hospital near Abbottabad, he served occasionally at a medical clinic in lower Kaghan Valley. During his service to this community, he and his wife, Miriam, cultivated a special passion for the people of the Kaghan Valley. It was here that the indigent needs of the community were conveyed to him. After prayerful consideration for 18 months, he responded to the call to establish a general medical clinic specific to this area. In 1988, they moved to the Kaghan Valley where Doctor Haroon established a modest general medicine clinic. By faith they eventually bought land and built the Kunhar Christian Hospital which opened in 2000.

The Kunhar Christian Hospital is an amazing project of faith. The vision of the LalDins has always been based upon seeking the Lord’s direction at every juncture. The hospital has always been self sustaining, without appealing for funding or formal support from any specific organization. Their needs have always been met in advance as they faithfully took each new challenging step. A foundation with a board of directors has been established to provide oversight for its spiritual, capital and future growth and direction. As a policy, any donated funds are applied towards capital expenditures and not for running expenses.

Following the earthquake on October 8th, 2005, Muzaffarabad and Balakot received media attention since these two towns were considered most affected. Although KCH is right in the middle of the earthquake affected area, out of the five hospitals that served the area it was the only one to withstood the devastating earthquake. God’s goodness allowed KCH to serve the injured within after minutes of the earthquake.  None of the staff members were killed or injured. Since the compound buildings were not significantly affected, KCH  was able to continue its services.

Following the earthquake was floods of July 2006 and in an most amazing way God kept the hospital and the staff safe once again… a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness to the people of the area.

Future challenges pertain to purchasing additional property, to expand the medical services to provide more comprehensive care, to recruit long term Christian health care professionals and hospital department managers, to enlarge the vision to disciple the hospital staff, and to continue witnessing the love and grace of the Lord to the adjacent Muslim community.

Physicians, midwives, and nurses interested in teaching will be greatly appreciated.