Dr. JoV celebrates her birthday at KCH

Dr. JoV has been working at KCH for past 3 months. On April 16th she was given a surprise birthday party by the staff of KCH. This is Dr. JoVs and her sister, Ms. Isa Berne’s, 3rd time to volunteer at KCH. Last year Dr. JoV and Berne worked at KCH for  a total of five months. This year they have been working at KCH since March and will continue until mid September. Dr. JoV has been able to perform many surgeries during her time here and has kept the inpatient ward full. Ms. Isa Berne has been working as assistant to the administrator and has been able to help the hospital run more smoothly.

Dr JoV has been doing overseas mission work since a few months after she finished her surgery training. Dr. JoV and Berne have been involved in medical mission work in numerous countries which include: Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, West Africa, Bolivia, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cameroon and in their home country of the Philippines.